About Elle Pours

Welcome, I'm Elle Pours. 
My full name is Chantelle.
It's super untraditional to write your own "About the artist" but let's be real, I'm not traditional to begin with. 

I'm a Canadian artist who has a passion to create and share my process. 
Getting straight to the point- I started this journey originally to help reduce stress and improve my mental health. As I posted my creations on my personal social media, I quickly learned that I had family and friends interested in purchasing my artwork. I started selling art for the first year strictly based on material cost. I was able to learn, declutter and make others happy all at once. I'll forever be thankful for the ones who jumped up immediately to purchase. I wasn't planning on ever selling, without them I wouldn't have snowballed into Elle Pours.  

Flash forward to today- My passions have grown to every category. Although I'm far from an expert- I absolutely love designing websites, editing YouTube content, communicating with other artists and building friendships. The fact my art is for sale is strictly for the same reasons it was to begin with- I want to keep making things but I don't want to keep it all. 

Thank you for being here. Thank you for hanging my creations up inside your homes. Thank you for actively sharing your positivity, it truly got me here and continues to keep me going.