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Quartz (Green) Ornament

Quartz (Green) Ornament

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ATTENTION; Ornament in the photo is an example. All ornaments from this batch are slightly different with Quartz placements, detailing and ribbon tone. Every single ornament is a unique piece of art. You will be getting something based off the photo used for this category.

These tree ornaments are made using a 4 inch plastic base, epoxy resin, crushed glass & crushed Quartz. It’s detailed by hand and top coated for extra gloss. Final touch-a sheer ribbon to hang it on your tree. 


Each art piece is handmade. This means there may be small imperfections on the surface. This imperfections could include particles from the air, dust, bubbles or movements cured into the final result. This is possible with each and every piece that is to be designed using epoxy resin as it takes a full 72 hours to curate after its final coat. 

Epoxy Resin is designed to last a very long time. Be mindful that if places in absolute full sun, these products can yellow over years to come. There are UV blockers in place to help manage this possibility but Elle Pours highly recommends to take these steps to ensure a longer lasting art piece. Use only glass cleaner and soft cloths to clean.

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