Shipping Information:
Elle Pours ships on Monday's! 
Orders that come in after post office hours will be reverted to the following Monday. If the Monday is a holiday, I will do my best to get it out during the week. 

Carrier Used:
Currently using Canada Post

Do you have a shipping guarantee?
Elle Pours doesn't offer a shipping guarantee. 
As you could imagine, these art pieces are fragile! My main priority is packaging fittingly for your crystal infused goods. Between bundles and bundles of bubble wrap and tightly fitting your piece into each box, I can only guarantee that I've done my part to protect your art piece. While opening, be mindful there could be the odd cube of glass if shipped a far distance! You shouldn't have a lot of fall out but the possibility could be there if it's had a rough trip. Any further shipping risks will be assumed by the buyer. Make a thousand percent sure your address is correct before submitting. 

Do you offer local pickup?
Elle Pours is online only (or the occasional market!)
I'm located in Ontario, Canada. Follow my instagram to know market dates and if you happen to be local, contact me over instagram & we can set up a time that saves you money on shipping! 

Return and Refund Policy:
Elle Pours does not accept returns or refunds on our products. 
If you have any concerns with your order, please reach out to me and I will do my best to help you! 

Elle Pours is shipping your products from Canada. There very well may be an extra cost at the border for customs. Please be aware you could very well be hit with an extra fee. This is not related to Elle Pours and your paid shipping only covers getting it shipped out. 

Canceling Orders:
We only accept cancelations for products that haven't been shipped already.