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Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

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This piece is 18" around and is on a wooden panel. Can be hung or displayed on an easel to make a statement. 

This piece was made with epoxy resin and has lots of shine and gloss! 

It contains 11 crystal clear points. Featuring crushed glass and crushed quartz throughout the entire dimensional area. Topped off with a thick flood coat to lock in all the details with also providing a ton of gloss! 

Each art piece is handmade. This means there may be small imperfections on the surface. This imperfections could include particles from the air, dust, bubbles or movements cured into the final result. This is possible with each and every piece that is to be designed using epoxy resin as it takes a full 72 hours to curate after its final coat. 

Epoxy Resin is designed to last a very long time. Be mindful that if places in absolute full sun, these products can yellow over years to come. There are UV blockers in place to help manage this possibility but Elle Pours highly recommends to take these steps to ensure a longer lasting art piece. Use only glass cleaner and soft cloths to clean.

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